2024 JAN

00m Ultra High Demolition Excavator

2020 has been a busy and exciting year for EIK.
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2021 JAN

34m Ultra High Demolition Excavator

2020 has been a busy and exciting year for EIK.
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2019 JUL

New Range of Amphibious Undercarriage

EIK has been recognized as the market leader for amphibious excavators.
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2019 APR

Amphibious Excavators Are Coming to Town

The AM80 amphibious excavator featured above was working right in the center of a metropolis in Europe.
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2019 JAN

A New Record Set

A new record has been set for delivering 30 containers in a week for amphibious
undercarriage product.
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2018 OCT

“An Excavator That Fear No Terrain”

EIK has upgraded numerous features to the highly popular AM140 amphibious
undercarriage to further distant ourselves from competitors.
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2017 JUN

New Facility

We’re glad to announce that a new EIK facility is up and running.
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2017 APR

EX1900 Mega Long Reach

Witnessed another mega delivery of  Hitachi EX1900 long reach to our  loyal customer.
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2017 FEB

Train the Trainer Program

EIK has a training program for both dealers and end users
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2016 OCT

EX1900 Long Reach Boom

Another EX1900 long reach boom in production.
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2016 AUG

Winning Streak in the US Market

EIK amphibious excavator continues to win new customers over the last few months.
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2016 JUN


An excellent platform for us to showcase our products and technologies
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2016 APR

EIK Amphibious in Turkey

EIK Cat323 amphibious excavator was delivered to Turkey last month
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2016 FEB

A Lovely Night With PAJPBM

An amazing night on 16th January 2016
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2015 NOV

Robotic welding machine for buckets

Smile for the good deal
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2015 SEP

Propeller on Pontoon Undercarriage

Unleashing New Possibilities
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2015 JUL

Hitachi and Caterpillar Swamp Excavator

Fear no terrain, trump in swamp
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2015 MAY

Cat385 Long Reach on Barge

EIK long reach, always within reach!
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2015 MAR

Patent Certificate from USA

Relentless Pursuing for Innovation
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