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With an extensive network and presence across Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and other parts of the world, EIK Engineering has grown to be one of the largest excavator attachment manufacturers in South-East Asia. We have earned the trust from our customers after diligently serving diverse industries including construction, mining, and waterways maintenance.

ISO Standard

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified design and manufacturing company

Patented Technology

'Multi-Synchronous Hydraulic Drive System' has positioned EIK Engineering at the forefront of amphibious excavator design

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Meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements




EIK Engineering

What is an Amphibious Excavator? Amphibious Excavator is a type of excavator that can move and operate in places where the standard crawler excavator is unable to do. This unique machine operates seamlessly on both water and on land in keeping with its name - “Amphibious” means both land and water. Amphibious Excavators specialize in [...]

The EIK Amphibious Excavator Made a Huge Impression on The Mining Industry

EIK Engineering

It is a huge success for the EIK team when four (4) of their amphibious undercarriages are selected for the largest mining project in Indonesia. A mining field of more than 200,000 hectares is worked by the EIK amphibious carriage AM350 and CAT336F. The AM250 transporter works to carry all the spare parts, materials, and […]

EIK D.I.Y Excavator Competition.

EIK Engineering

Throwback to EIK event that was held on 15th September 2022. EIK has successfully organized D.I.Y Excavator Competition 2022 which involved all employees in each department. Besides, all the employees only need to use recyclable materials to make a D.I.Y excavator. Through these activities, it can develop all participant’s creativity and enhance their ability to […]

EIK “ONE HEART ONE MIND” Charity Golf Tournament 2020/2022

EIK Engineering

EIK “ONE HEART ONE MIND” Charity Golf Tournament Raises RM215,350 for Non-profit Organizations The 3rd annual EIK “One Heart One Mind” Golf Tournament and dinner was resumed on 17th March 2022. We have successfully raised a total of RM 215,350 for 14 non-profit organizations in need. The tournament was held at a highly rated golf [...]

EIK Amphibious Excavator Play Its Role in Salvage Operation

EIK Engineering

The amphibious undercarriage can be fitted to an excavator or other heavy equipment, granting them buoyancy and the ability to perform dredging work while floating in shallow water without the need for additional construction. It is specifically designed […]

EIK Donates RM30,000 to SJK(C) Ming Chih

EIK Engineering

As part of our CSR initiatives, EIK Engineering together with its partner has contributed a total of RM30,000 to SJK(C) Ming Chih to help the school in its fundraising drive to build a new building and facilities enhancement. The meeting room was named […]

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