Heavy Duty Grapple

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Available in various models to suit excavator sizes ranging from 10 – 80 metric tons (22,000 – 176,000 lbs) operating weight. The GP series grapple is popular among customers who demand the very best in tackling the toughest job at hand.


The GP series heavy duty grapple is a reinforced box, 2-tine clamp over 3-tine frame design, ideal for rough, tough and general utility applications. This is a front-end attachment designed for excavators to facilitate various applications, particularly ideal for rock handling, log grabbing, land clearing, stacking, piling, scrap handling, where applications require maximum clamping and prying force.



The lugs’ design work perfectly with or without a quick coupler. Grapple is fully constructed from tensile steel with internal reinforced structure, the tines are braced with Hardox wear-resistant steel for extra durability, reducing the frequency of costly downtime for maintenance. The curvature of the tines can be customized to suit different applications where objects and trash can vary widely in terms of shapes and sizes. The GP grapple has proven itself in various tough environments and applications.

Here are the key specifications for this product model.
Want to know more? Download the brochure or contact us.

Model Excavator Class Approximate Weight Max Jaw Opening Length Min Gap Between Jaws Distant Between Lugs Height Width
GP16xx 22,000 – 35,200 lb 1,969 lb 84 inch 39 inch 9 inch 10 inch 49 inch 40 inch
GP20xx 39,600 – 48,400 lb 3,410 lb 87 inch 44 inch 11 inch 12.8 inch 58 inch 46 inch
GP22xx 52,800 – 66,000 lb 4,620 lb 111 inch 49 inch 12 inch 16.5 inch 64 inch 54 inch
GP33xx 72,600 – 99,000 lb 6,490 lb 119 inch 55 inch 18 inch 18.5 inch 70 inch 57 inch
GP45xx 88,000 - 99,000 lb 7,700 lb 122 inch 58 inch 19 inch 17 inch 75 inch 63 inch
GP50xx 101,000 – 132,000 lb 9,592 lb 128 inch 59 inch 21 inch 18.5 inch 79 inch 64 inch
GP80xx 154,000 – 176,000 lb 12,540 lb 140 inch 67 inch 22 inch 21 inch 85 inch 68 inch
GP98xx 220,000 – 264,000 lb 15,543 lb 153 inch 80 inch 26 inch 27 inch 96 inch 78 inch

*Dimensions are for reference only, it may vary from excavator brands and models.
** For the benefit of continuous product improvement, specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.

1. Rock

Demolition, rock handling, stacking, piling, general utilities.

2. speedometer

Ideal for applications that requires maximum clamping force.

3. recycle

Handling of waste material for recycling industry.

  • Ease of assembly, works perfectly with or without quick coupler.
  • Reinforced box design.
  • 2-tine clamp over 3-tine frame structure.
  • Large surface area for maximum heaped capacity.

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