Fork Grapple

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Available in various models to suit excavator sizes ranging from 5 – 30 metric tons (11,000 – 66,000 lbs) operating weight. The fork grapple is popular among customers who seek to reduce cycle time as their top priority.


Fork Grapple is a relatively new design under the Grapple family. The design was tweaked from a conventional grapple for material handling applications, light demolition, recycling and scrap industries. Its lightweight, 2-tine over 3-tine frame design provides extraordinarily rapid grappling action, reducing cycle time and increasing productivity. Internal structures within each tine are heavily reinforced to ensure maximum rigidity.

Unlike the conventional grapple design where a stiff arm is mandatory, in the case of a fork grapple, the use of stiff arm is totally eliminated. As a result, both jaws open and close simultaneously in a single action, which translate into 2x the opening and closing speed of jaws as compared to typical stiff-arm grapple, and yet with a very firm clamping force. Each tine is serrated with wear strips, provides additional protection on each tine as well as enhancing the gripping strength of irregularly shaped items.

Here are the key specifications for this product model.
Want to know more? Download the brochure or contact us.

Model Excavator Class Approximate Weight Max Jaw Opening Min Gap Between Jaws Length of Tines Height Width
FC46 6,600 – 11,000 lb 630 lb 48 inch 1.0 inch 28 inch 35 inch 19 inch
FC56 13,200 – 17,600 lb 792 lb 67 inch 1.2 inch 37 inch 46 inch 21 inch
FC76 19,800 – 26,400 lb 1,100 lb 76 inch 1.6 inch 41 inch 51 inch 29 inch
FC88 39,600 – 46,200 lb 1,727 inch 90 inch 2.0 inch 52 inch 64 inch 32 inch
FC98 52,800 – 63,800 lb 2,592 lb 113 inch 2.5 inch 67 inch 83 inch 34 inch

*Dimensions are for reference only, it may vary from excavator brands and models.
** For the benefit of continuous product improvement, specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.

1. Wooden structure

Demolition of wooden structure/house.

2. Material

Handling of industrial material.

3. garbage

Land clearing and garbage handling.

3. recycle

Waste recycling and scrap handling.

  • Extremely easy to install, no welding process is needed. Similar assembly process as a bucket.
  • Large jaw opening, increased productivity.
  • Upper and lower jaws open and close simultaneously, translate to a higher operation speed and improves productivity.
  • Reinforced internal tine structure, designed for high durability.

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