Demolition Boom

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We design and customize demolition solutions for every make and model of hydraulic excavators, starting from 10 metric tons (22,000lbs) mini excavators and upward. Depending on your excavators size, the demolition boom can easily handle work tools ranging from 0.5 – 4 metric tons (1,100 – 8,800 lbs).


An ultra high reach demolition boom is a purpose-built attachment to elevate demolition tools for tearing down multi-storey buildings. The beauty of the demolition boom is its ease of positioning and flexibility in maneuvering of tools in carrying out primary and secondary demolition jobs safely. EIK attachments are engineered for performance, reliability and low total cost of ownership in mind. As we fully understand the harsh working conditions, hence only quality steel is used in the fabrication.


Demolition booms  for excavators greater than 40 metric tons (88,000 lbs) will have a detachable and modular main boom with a quick coupling joint for efficient mounting and dismantling, as well as ease of ground handling and transportation.


With the greater emphasis on work environment safety and stricter regulation in the industry, high reach demolition booms are fast becoming the choice attachment for demolishing old buildings, replacing the traditional and more accident-prone practice where excavators were lifted onto the building to carry out the highly risky tasks. The demolition boom has changed the entire concept of tearing down buildings, not only improving the overall safety standard, but also extending the working radius and reach of the front end attachment.


We do undertake entire turnkey solutions in which we convert your existing excavator to a full-fledged demolition equipment. The customized conversion is not restricted to the following:

  • Widening and lengthening of existing undercarriage.
  • Addition of an extra hydraulic control system.
  • Modification of cabin into articulating or tilting cabin.
  • Cabin protection guard system.
  • Integrated counterweight.
  • Full commissioning of newly converted machine.

Here are the key specifications for this product model.
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Excavator Operating Weight A B C D E Maximum Tool Weight
20 - 22 ton 56’ ft 8’ 2” ft 28’ 2” ft 24’ 7” ft 20’ 7” ft 2,640 lb
27 - 32 ton 60’ ft 9’ 2” ft 32’ 1” ft 26’ 7” ft 22’ 7” ft 3,300 lb
33 - 38 ton 69’ ft 9’ 9” ft 35’ 4” ft 30’ 2” ft 25’ 7” ft 4,400 lb
46 - 55 ton 82’ ft 10’ 9” ft 43’ 3” ft 36’ 4” ft 30’ 5” ft 4,400 lb
60 - 68 ton 95’ ft 11’ 6” ft 50’ 8” ft 42’ 0” ft 37’ 7” ft 4,400 lb
70 - 78 ton 101’ ft 12’ 9” ft 54’ 9” ft 45’ 3” ft 39’ 0” ft 4,400 lb
80 - 95 ton 110’ ft 13’ 1” ft 60’ 8” ft 51’ 0” ft 45’ 10” ft 4,400 lb

*Dimensions are for reference only, it may vary from excavator brands and models.
** For the benefit of continuous product improvement, specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.


Demolishing high-rise buildings and structures.

hydraulic-breaker (1)

Typically attached to a hydraulic breaker, multi-processor or hydraulic shear.

  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Design is simulated extensively, ensuring design integrity and detecting potential stress and fatigue points.
  • Modular joint on main boom for easy transportation.
  • All surfaces are shot blasted.
  • Uses marine grade epoxy paint as undercoat.


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