Vibro Boom

EIK Vibro Long Boom is meticulously designed to meet international standards to deliver a powerful driving, casing and extraction using vibro hammers. The unique design of our long boom has enabled our customers to meet the rigorous application and withstand ground resistance. The underslung arm cylinder propels the boom making the extraction of sheet piles an easy task. The ‘goose neck’ attachment is customized to meet the various vibro hammer brands and allows the flexibility for parking. We have successfully delivered to different parts of the world and we are proud to be acknowledged as one of the leading long front attachment for vibration piling use.

Here are the key specifications for this product model.
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Excavator Operating Weight Length Max. Cutting Height Max. Loading Height Parking Height Parking Length Max. Reach Boom Length Stick Length Goose Neck Arm length Recommended Tools Weight
72,600 - 83,600 lb 52’ 6” ft 53’ 9” ft 40’ 3” ft 10’ 2” ft 29’ 6” ft 41’ 0” ft 27’ 10” ft 13’ 1” ft 7’ 2” ft 1700 - 1900 kg
88,000 - 99,000 lb 59’ 0” ft 60’ 0” ft 41’ 8” ft 11’ 6” ft 32’ 9” ft 56’ 4” ft 31’ 2” ft 14’ 9” ft 11’ 5” ft 2000 - 2200 kg
101,200 - 121,000 lb 59’ 0” ft 60’ 0” ft 41’ 8” ft 11’ 6” ft 32’ 9” ft 56’ 4” ft 31’ 2” ft 14’ 9” ft 11’ 5” ft 2300 - 2500 kg

*Dimensions are for reference only, it may vary from excavator brands and models.
** For the benefit of continuous product improvement, specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.

1. sheet pile installation

Sheet pile installation

2. prevention of soil corrosion

Prevention of soil corrosion

3. Protection

Protection of permanent structure


Sheet wall formation as temporary retaining structure

5. long steel tube

Designed for long sheet pile or long steel tubes driving projects where excavator booms are not long enough

6. demolition project

Perfect for demolition & excavating project

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