Rock Bucket

Rock bucket is built for tough rock, quarry or high abrasive work in rocky areas. It is ideally designed for handling shot rock and severe digging. Thicker bottom and heavy duty side wear plates grade AR400 enhanced performance and durability.

1. Heavy construction

Heavy Construction

2. mining

Quarry & Mining

3. demolition project


  • 6 ~ 160tons excavator models are available.
  • Beam & Lug Plate for greater structural strength.
  • Overlapping plate for protecting Cutting Edge Plate and increasing strength.
  • Optimized double radius profile for better penetration and heel clearance,
  • – Deep profile for high capacity
  • Low tip radius for greater digging performance
  • Added more patches for durability and strength
  • – Bolt on side protector for protection and material management
    – Side Heel Shroud to increase durability and protect shell from wear
    – Wear plate bottom and side section
    – High grade material composition for better durability
    – Used HB400 grade material on Cutting Edge Plate

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