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We supply a full range of buckets to suit excavators up to 200 tons operating weight. Buckets are designed differently, either the type of material used or profile of the bucket to suit different applications for the best possible productivity, fuel economy and durability. Though the used premium quality material is a prerequisite of a good bucket, however, there is more to it. Our engineers have gathered numerous data over the years, couple with their experience and technical know-how, we are capable of designing buckets for various applications considering the material density, size of material, abrasiveness of material, the working environment, high/low impact application and etc.

Whenever you need a bucket, regardless of rock bucket, heavy duty, general purpose bucket, ditching and cleaning out bucket, skeleton bucket,..... for any excavator models, not restricted to construction, utility, material handling, recycling, dredging, forestry, or demolition applications, you can count on us to deliver quality buckets for your application needs. We keep wear resistance steel of at least 400 BHN in our inventory for quick turn around.


Skeleton Bucket:


Construction of the the skeleton bucket is rather unique in the sense that there is absolutely NO bending of the individual skeleton ribs. Each rib is cut into shape from a flat sheet of steel, avoiding the need of bending, and thus eliminating any unnecessary stress occurring in the material. Both the verticals and horizontal ribs are interlocked before welding. Interlocking is an innovative design which creates an unusually strong and rigid joint throughout, and more creditably, it has been field proven.

skeleton bucket




  • Mining, rock handling, dredging, general purpose, ditching, trenching, etc.


  • Heavy duty design for harsh working environment.

  • Light and durable for high productivity and fuel economy.

  • Hydraulic operated tilting bucket.

  • Grade 4340 bucket pins.


PC1600 bucket






fork grapple



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