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Amphibious Excavator / Marsh Buggy



We are indeed proud to be the pioneer amphibious excavator (aka floating excavator) manufacturer  and premium supplier in Malaysia. We are now the largest full range (7 models) amphibious excavator manufacturer by volume in South East Asia with worldwide recognition for our quality and superior performance. We are proud to be the first in the industry to pioneer leading edge designs and features never thought possible in the past. The paradigm shift in how modern amphibious machines are being designed has won the hearts of numerous customers, both new and experienced amphibious excavator users in the industry.

An amphibious excavator / marsh buggy is specifically designed to manoeuvre in marshy, swampy area and soft terrain, and it can also float on water as an added safety feature. It is completely self propelled and can virtually access all terrains, and yet requires minimum supporting transportation and hoisting equipment. Amphibious excavators fitted with our long reach front offers an unparalleled package with unmatched productivity for your investment. Greater versatility can be easily attained when used in conjunction with the wide range of attachments we produce. We have in-house expertise in designing customized attachments to tackle unique challenges where traditional off- the-shelf solutions fail to deliver.


With our successful track records in designing and providing long reach attachment for numerous and unique dredging applications over the years, our customers can look upon us to provide a complete package to carry out tasks in challenging terrains with incredible efficiency and high ROI (Return On Investment).




  • Maintenance and cleaning of waterways, lakes, shorelines, ponds, etc.

  • Erosion control and prevention.

  • Deepening of waterways and river deltas.

  • Maintenance and repair of natural environment.

  • Flood protection and flood maintenance works.

  • Landscape building and protection.

  • Accessing difficult strands of water/soft terrain.

  • Swamp and wetland construction.

  • Road building through wetlands.





  • Patent pending multi-synchronous hydraulic motor direct drive system.

  • 2 bulkheads per pontoons, hermetically sealed.

  • Service manholes on each pontoon for easy maintenance and field servicing.

  • Heavy duty track chain system, laser trimmed to extreme precision.

  • Hardened rollers and bushings for extended operation life.

  • Bolt-on sprocket system for perfect track pitch alignment.

  • Optional hydraulic extendable pontoons.

  • Optional supplementary pontoons and spuds system.

  • Modular design for easy transportation.



Hydraulic Extendable Pontoons:


An optional design feature allows each pontoon to retract or extend outward hydraulically. A fully retracted pontoons with reduced footprint provides the added advantage and convenience of transporting the machine on trailer without dismantling into modules. A tremendous saving on logistical cost over time. Fully extended pontoons provides the extra stability when situation call for.


The hydraulic control is totally independent (non shared) from the existing hydraulic circuit. We have an upgrade kit where an auxiliary hydraulic function can be added with full control from the operator cabin.


Undercarriage designed for 14 ton class excavator and below comes with the hydraulic extendable control system. This is a standard feature regardless whether you invest in our complete amphibious machine or the pontoons undercarriage system only.


Structural grade tensile plate is used for the fabrication of the pontoons. The goal is to construct a high strength and durable base structure without being overly heavy, hampering its efficiency. The pontoon is designed to be able to float on water as an added safety feature (click here to watch video). It has 3 water tight compartments hermetically sealed with individual manhole for easy access from outside for inspection and preventive maintenance

amphibious pontoon


Amphibious excavators work in the harshest conditions you can imagine. Our ultimate goal is to extend the dependable service life of the amphibious undercarriage system. Pontoons are shot blasted to ensure that the surface is thoroughly clean and free from contaminants and rust. In addition, this process presents the steel with a surface texture that provides excellent adhesion of prime coat of paint.




Supplementary Pontoons and Spuds:


The primary pontoons are designed with future-proof in mind. Users can chose to add the supplementary pontoons and spuds system at the later stage when need arises. Auxiliary hydraulic lines are preinstalled on all primary pontoons whereby the user can simply add-on the supplementary pontoons and spuds without tedious modification. A truely pulg-and-play system.


The supplementary pontoons can be easily attached onto the outer side of the primary pontoons to enhance stability. The hydraulic-meachnical spuds system which is control from the operator cabin  is a superb solutions to overcome buoyancy in deep water, providing additional stability and enhanced operability on water up to 4 meters deep.


Final Drives:


Patent pending multi-synchronous direct drive system provides superior tracking capability, making the machine virtually undeterred in any terrain. A similar concept applies to a full time 4x4 gear system of a land vehicle. Multiple active drive motors propelling each pontoon provide at least twice the tracking power and performance capacity compared to conventional single motor design. Multi-motors also offers the advantage of redundancy during unforeseen circumstances.

Many users do not realize that not all swampy areas are flat but undulating, and mud viscosity varies widely from area to area and country to country. One would fully appreciate the superior design of multi synchronous motor powered pontoons in the most challenging terrains.



Axle and Sprocket:


We unequivocally favoured a non weld-on sprocket design. Sprockets are precisely machined and bolted onto the axial. This concept ensures a perfect alignment of each sprocket across the axial, a critical criterion for the longevity of the track chain.


The hardworking sprockets, rollers and bushings (embedded within the rollers) are made from hardened steel which helps in reducing the frequency of replacement and costly downtime. Rollers travel on a strip of wear resistant steel track, preventing it from premature wearing to the pontoons.

Track Chain:  

One of the most critical components of the undercarriage system, it is entirely in-house design and manufacture, to ensure proper quality control. One of the criterion of a good design is that the track chain has to perform reliably under various working conditions. Special grade steel is used and precisely trimmed to extremely tight tolerance. We insist that this is the only way to maintain the quality we demand and there should be no compromise under any circumstances.


Each roller has an embedded bushing that greatly prolongs the useful working life of the track chain.




Track Shoe:

Track cleats are steel fabricated and robortically welded to utmost precision. Steel material is favoured over aluminium alloy because of its malleable property. It has a much wider spread between yield strength and ultimate tensile strength. The distinct advantage of steel over aluminum is it is less prone to crack.


The steel track cleat used has a minimum yield strength and tensile strength of 280 Mpa (40,600 psi) and 480 Mpa (69,600 psi) respectively, which translates to approximately 16% and 65% improvement of yield strength and tensile strength respectively over 6061 T6 aluminium alloy.


Storage Compartment:



The original counterweight can be replaced with a well constructed general purpose storage and tool box compartment as an option. Customed design and build to fit snugly at the back of the excavator. An innovative and welcoming feature.








Standard configuration of the Amphibious Excavator comes with a long reach attachment unless otherwise stated. The convenience of an extended reach and greater working range is always a welcome advantage when carrying out work in marsh land and dredging related projects.




Frequently Asked Questions:


Can the AmphiTrex float on water?

All our AmphiTrex machines are designed to float on water as a safety feature. Click on the following filmstrip to view video clip where an AmphiTrex being towed on water by boat.


swap buggy video


Can the Amphibious machine turn easily on dry ground?

Absolutely! Our proprietary multi-synchronous drive motor system is a leap forward from the conventional dual motor undercarriage design. Not only manoeuvre effectively on hard and dry terrain, it can powered the entire machine up a slope with tremendous ease. We have fundamentally changed the paradigm behind the decades old technology.


Simpliy click on the video clips to feel the power. There is NO fast forwarding of the video footage.





Comprehensive Product Line Up:


We have comprehensive range of pontoon design to suit varies excavator capacity. 7 - 9 ton, 12 - 15 ton, 20 - 22 ton, 23 - 27 ton, 28-30 ton, 33 - 36 ton. Check out the gallery page for photos on various amphibious excavators from our satisfied customers around the world.


amphibious excavator




Designed for 7 - 9 ton class excavator



swamp excavator




Designed for 12 - 14 ton class excavator



marsh buggy




Designed for 20 - 22 ton class excavator



swamp excavator




Designed for 24 - 27 ton class excavator



marsh excavator




Designed for 28 - 30 ton class excavator



amphibious excavator




Designed for 33 - 36 ton class excavator






Designed for 38 - 40 ton class excavator







* Dimensions are base on Hitachi ZX200-3 excavator.
** For the benefit of continuous product improvement, specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.





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